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KÄMMERER GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of speciality papers designed to serve a series of niche markets all over the world. Our papers offer customised features designed to fulfil a wide range of requirements. As customised optimisation at all levels is one of our top priorities, we set great store by the regular and thorough testing of our business processes and system procedures. This is where our integrated management system comes to the fore, allowing us to guarantee customers top standards of quality for all our products and services.

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New trends, customer products and production processes all create constant challenges, which we tackle with maximum commitment. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop new products and remain on hand to contribute ideas on how to improve finishing processes.

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Each and every one of KÄMMERER’s 270 employees is aware of how much his or her individual professional skills and high motivation contribute to the positive development of our organisation. Our customers can rely on our highly-conscientious approach to responsibility and quality.

Our objective: the manufacture of bespoke base papers that fully meet customers’ ever-changing needs. The two paper machines operated by KÄMMERER GmbH provide an annual production capacity of approximately 40,000 metric tons.

The origins of our company date back to the year 1808, when Wilhelm Quirll started to operate a modified fulling mill, thereby founding a tradition of paper production that has continued uninterrupted for more than 200 years

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Our products

Pre-impregnated Decor Papers

Pre-impregnated Decor papers are used for surface finishing of wood based materials. 

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Abrasive Base Papers

Abrasive Base Papers are backing papers for coated abrasives.

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Electrical Grade Papers

Electrical Grade Papers are used for the insulation of special cables.

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